Talking Politics: A Guide for Campus Conversations about NSLVE Reports

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The National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) offers colleges and universities an opportunity to learn their student registration and voting rates and, for interested campuses, a closer examination of their campus climate for political learning and engagement and correlations between specific student learning experiences and voting. The study is both a service to colleges and universities interested in learning about their students’ voting habits and a national database for research on college student political learning and engagement in democracy.

Participating institutions receive detailed reports with their campus data. These reports represent an opportunity to organize dialogues to increase awareness and generate action. We hope that, through dialogue, colleges and universities will gain fresh ideas and inspiration, and foster campus climates that support political discourse and engagement. We have created a discussion guide that campuses can use to convene and carry out these conversations.

Talking Politics: A Guide for Campus Conversations about your Voting Reports