Participating NSLVE Campuses

NSLVE is excited to have more than 1,200 campuses from all 50 states participating in the NSLVE study. We update this list weekly.

For all participating campuses: You must re-authorize participation to receive data for the 2022 election. You can access the 2023-2033 reauthorization form here. Every campus needs to complete this reauthorization process to remain in NSLVE beyond August 2023. If you are a staff or faculty member at a participating institution interested in receiving a copy of your campus report, try contacting the president’s or institutional researcher’s office to obtain a copy of your report.

If your campus is not on the list: Join NSLVE  or e-mail us at for information on how to participate.

If you have questions about the reauthorization process, please read our NSLVE Reauthorization FAQ.

This interactive NSLVE campus search feature is best viewed on your desktop, but if you are on a mobile device, you can search for your campus at this link.