Syllabus Repository: Issues of Civic and Democratic Concern

  • Political Engagement
  • Collaborative Resources

Many colleges and universities offer courses that address civic and political issues and build students' knowledge and skills for democratic engagement. Below, organized by topic, we link to syllabi for courses that faculty members have agreed to share with us.


Media and Politics

Historical Contexts for Modern Political Study

Social Entrepreneurship

Communities & Organizing

  • Topics in American Politics: Organizing for Social Change (Spring 2018) -- Additional assignment information here; Syllabus & Course (Offered at Tufts University) by Danny LeBlanc (CEO, Somerville Community Corporation) & Kenneth Galdston (Director, InterValley Project)
  • Community Development and Civic Engagement (Spring 2017) -- Additional readings here; Syllabus & Course by Mike Spranger (University of Florida)